Tropicana (50° North) Green Oasis - Frankfurt Main 2021

Three abandoned, overgrown greenhouses in Frankfurt: 
Pictures 1-5: social fallow in the district Oberrat
Pictures 6-17: former commercial gardening facilities in the middle of hardly fought apartment ground in Bornheim,
Pictures 18-20: a palm house at the luxurious domicile of a deceased celebrity from the Henninger-family in Sachsenhausen (locally know as Schubert Villa) .



CE Infosys - Mainz 2020

The once prosperous days of the German affiliate of the US tech company CE Infosys trace back to the beginning of New Economy in central Europe. The company was specialized on IT security (software and hardware). The place that the german affiliate chose for their administrative headquarter and a production site is a commercial quarter in Mainz. The two office floors have a base area of 37 x 20 m. The medium sized production hangar measures 37 x 37 m.

The photographed facilities seemed to be abandoned since 2007 when the company filed for insolvency. Until today the founder and juristically liable CEO Mr. Georg Krause escaped his creditors and law enforcement to Singapore.



Hairdresser "Salon Voll" - Franconia 2019

When driving through an old town in upper Bavaria we stumbled over this beautiful time capsule of 70's interior design. The main door of this tiny hairdresser which found place in only one  small room was already broke open. As always, the village youth was not very patient.



DDR coal powerhouse at the Elbe river - Saxony-Anhalt 2015

Until it's shut down in 1994 the photographed powerplant (brown coal) produced 12x32 MW and supplied the neighboring city of Dessau and a huge greenhouse facilities with district heating. Until the shutdown of the powerplant the green houses  were the biggest in East Germany. On an area of 64 ha the socialist VEBs used to grow gurkens and tomatos.



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