Der Tempelbrand


One night in 2017 the Chinese Pavilion in Frankfurt went up in flames. Someone torched it in the early morning.

Workers and construction material from China built the garden in 1989.

The reconstruction - again by Chinese specialist - is scheduled for 2019 and will constitute a new name for the place: “Garten des himmlischen Friedens”.




Arson is a special form of vandalism. It is neither performed spontaneously nor does it require direct physical exertion.

2017 arson took place in Frankfurt more often than before: first in the Korean Garden, exactly one month later in the Chinese Garden, another month later an observation tower in the nearby Taunus mountains and in October Frankfurt’s very famous Goethe Turm went up in flames.

Also in 2017, a wooden house at the river Main, a school and a kindergarden were set on fire, too.

Most probably, these criminal acts were not performed for protest, radical political or religious reasons.