Technology Park - Rhineland Palatinate 2019


When a friend showed me a picture of this place, I knew I had to go there. He found out about it by accidentally taking a wrong autobahn exit, which brought him into a lone industrial district. When he was just about to turn, he found this place. When I arrived, I not only took one of the best photo series of my life, but I also felt this urgent call in my head again, that couldn't let me sleep until I figured out the fateful story of this place.

The photographed facilities account to the German affiliate of the US tech-company CE INFOSYS. The administrative headquarters and a medium-sized production site measures 37 x 20 m and 37 x 37 m. The company is specialized on IT security in software and hardware. 

The facilities seemed to be abandoned since 2007 when the company filed for insolvency. Until today, the founder and legally liable Chief Executive Officer Mr. Georg Krause escaped his creditors and law enforcement to Singapore.