Street Photography Asia

Late in the fall of 2023 Bennett Encke and Jovan Uljarevic welcomed their guests in a vacant workshop site in Frankfurt Bockenheim where they hosted the photo exhibition "Street Photography Asia". Jovan was exhibiting pictures he took during a 6-week trip through Thailand and Vietnam earlier this year. All had been captured solely on 35mm analog film. The images mainly depict "streets" of Asia. Bennett had spent several months in Japan for the production of a documentary film. He presented photos addressing conformism, consumption, fatigue and dreaming in Tokyo, the world's largest metropolis. The vernissage took place on November 10th, and the exhibition closed the very day after.
Robert Mayer Straße 49
Jovan Uljarevic & Bennett Encke
November 10 - 11, 2023
special thanks to:
io, IRED and Werner Lorke



In the entrance area, we set up a small photo studio and captured a portrait of each guest. Here is a small selection of the pictures.