Sexuality in Tokyo


The dream of bringing Eros back:

I was invited for dinner. We ate Sashimi, grilled fish, rice and salad. It was a very good dinner.

The couple turned their home into an erotic palace with many naked full sizes mannequins, objects and books..

Both dream of bringing Eros back to Japan.


By walking in public protests and creating art the couple want to bring their topic to others.

While I feels a bit strange to report about "sexuality in Japan" as a cultural stranger/foreigner in Japan, there are a couple of observations I could made in the everyday life.

In Japan's education system of these modern times physical intimacy is an off-topic. Considering sexual education is still taught to children with bees and flowers.

While fast changes happen in technologies, societies, and political order causing role conflicts in the rest of the world, the rigid definition on women’s and men’s role in common Japanese society refrain from adjustments to modernity. This creates the core of a conflict with big consequences.


In Japan the adult-film-industry only produces censored pornography.

For the rush hours the subway has coaches reserved for women, because of perverts touching them. Other publicly advertisements offer to men services for cuddling & talking to schoolgirls or diaper changing while acting as infants. BDSM whipping and tight ropes are on supply, as well. What is called Pedophilia in the West is called Lolita-fetish in Japan.

In Japanese society dealing with this obviously abnormal sexual behaviors appears to be very honest. An exception that this extreme isn’t frowned up by society?

Sexualized female depictions can be found everywhere in Tokyo. Printed on the windows of Pachinko and gaming centers, on magazines in the convenience stores, in advertisements, and they are also an inherent part of Anime and Manga. In the Japanese pop art of animated humanized objects and living things the transition from "cuteness" – there is an obsession for cuteness – to erotic connotations does not make a stop for animals, children and robottig humans: childlike with overly big eyes, breast and butt for women and tallness and muscles when depicting men.


A biologically dysfunctional sexual behavior seems to evolve: Japan’s population number is declining.

Is a partnership inappropriate in general? That’s what herbivore men would agree with – young (heterosexual) men who renounce from sexual contact to women is a trend perceived by Tokyo’s gender studies of the 21th century. Most research in this field has been carried out by male scholars. Whether similar trends are followed by some groups of the female gender, seems to remain not interesting in Japanese academia.

Kabukicho would proof the latter estimation. Here, below neon advertisings, the side walks are filled with male hosts whose professional services as a friend and prostitute are sought out by women, only.

Statistics claim to record world’s highest rate of homosexuality among young men in Japan (Dentsū Inc.). 2018 8,9 % defined themselves as LGBT. From the past years sexual disorientation and the consciousness about that are continuously increasing.


What would that mean for the countrie's' future? How does the human species define itself with this and out of this extreme situation? How is this situation handled – by politics, economy and society? How could a positive turn look like? Or is this the end of a culture?