WORKERSUNIT no. 1, Georgia 2024

The impressive skybridge, which has gained a bit of internet fame thanks to the recent trend of brutalist aesthetics on social media, is part of a building complex on the Nutsubidze Plateau in Tbilisi, Georgia. Built in 1976, these buildings are situated on challenging terrain in the northern part of the city. The bridge serves as vital infrastructure for the surrounding neighbourhood, connecting the upper roadside with the lower university area via an elevator within the building. This elevator operates exclusively between the ground floor and the skybridge and costs 20 Tetri per ride. 
What was even more intriguing than the skybridge was inside these towers. Here, the residents had separat elevators, which cost them 10 Tetri per ride. The buildings accommodate one, two, and three-room apartments, but each building was in varying states of repair. The first tower, in particular, exhibits severe dilapidation, with non-functional elevators, missing doors, crumbling staircases, and conspicuous signs of decay such as holes in the walls. It appears to have been scavenged for valuable materials, almost resembling a spare parts repository for the remaining units.