Graffiti Art exhibition - Berlin 2017

Once in Berlin we checked out the "VEB Bärenquell". The red brick building was a former brewery. Rain water is slowly finding its way through the roof, the beginning of vegetative succession shows up. The big pine on the court is already 7 meters tall, the birches on the roof are small. But there are no signs of human oblivion at all. Graffiti artists painted on every wall outside and inside the buildings.

In my view it was an art gallery. Free to enter for everyone how is sportive enough to climb the three meter wall.

For the safety wood, insulating material and all other combustible stuff had been placed on a big heap in the courtyard. Sharp metal sheets and window glass had been compiled at a different spot.

Inside the "gallery" there is nothing but blank walls and empty floors.  In some rooms not a single piece of broken glass can be found.

The property is still secured with razor wire and new fences and there are newly installed fire distinguishers. Similar to a proper public gallery space.