3 Tokyo - One of 40 Million


Living in Japan means living with clear social rules, which does not allow much room to move or think differently. People serve the community, whether it’s the family, company, school or whole nation. What is the drive for individuality in the West is the desire for conformity in Japan. Tokyo is both: overwhelmingly modern and traditional. Modernity and western values leads Japan to challenge its identity and culture. For many, the consequences are depressing, especially considering Japans future: the population is aging dramatically and irreversibly on the decline.



Table of contents:

  • 3.1 People after work and leisure activities
  • 3.2 Public Sleeping in Tokyo
  • 3.3 Walking in Tokyo





3.1 People after work and leisure activities

Leisure design plays an important role in keeping the society working. Not only the US - mother of the American mall and theme parks - is famous for the most iconic "entertainment machines", Japan, too. Around the globe the offers for the "wealthy" masses of the 21st century still seem to consist of a circle of shopping, eating and alcohol in the evening. Within this article I show a collection of photos from people after work in their leisure, during Pachinko, in bars, restaurants, sports clubs and during outdoor activities and in temples.





3.2 Public Sleeping in Tokyo:

Public sleep epidemic due to overexertion, homelessness, alcoholism or the missed departure of the 1 a.m. train.





3.3 Walking in Tokyo

People walk very slowly in Tokyo.