dusty money city - Frankfurt Main 2022

The face of Frankfurt's central business district is constantly changing even though the city council's skyscraper master plan limits the possible spaces for high rises in Frankfurt to a hand full of locations. These rare grounds are strongly fought. Thus only a small number of "urban relicts" can be expected within these modern business districts. One of those relicts can be found under the address Neue Mainzer Straße 57-59. It is an whole area of four abandoned buildings. It used to be the headquarter of the Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 , a savings bank with very regional ties.

The building complex contains a historical building from Germany's founding period, another 16-stories office tower from the 60th as well as another curved office building from the same time.



Since the bank moved out 20 years ago the building complex stood shut from public perception. Right now the buildings are about to make place for a new office tower that goes under the name Central Business Tower.


© Architectural rendering (2002): Turm_KSp-Engel-und-Zimmermann



Update - March 5, 2022